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As summer comes to an end, heater season is fast approaching, have you tested your heater lately?

Let’s play out a common scenario that we see every year. The party is tomorrow but it’s gonna be a little cooler. Just fire up the pool heater early in the morning to heat the pool right? Not always. Too often we get that urgent call about a pool heater

It is suggested to fire up and run your heater once a month for 10-15 minutes, even through the summer months. By doing this you clean out the cobwebs, clear out the rodents, and extend the life of the heater.

Cobwebs and Rodents? You Better Believe It! Bees Too

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Your pool heater is an ideal space to build a nest or home, safe from other animals and the elements. We have opened up tons of heaters only to find bees flying out or rats scrambling away. Often times we find that a heater is not firing and the cause is spider webs in the gas orifices, blocking gas flow to the burners.

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Each year as the weather starts to cool, homeowners all around start to fire up their pool/spa heaters and are left with frustration because their heater is not turning on or staying on. Don’t wait until the day or night of your pool/spa party to find this out. We recommend testing the functionality of your pool/spa heater for 10 to 15 minutes once a month year round.

Common Pool and Spa Heaters We Service

  • Pentair MasterTemp
  • Pentair Max-E-Therm
  • Pentair Minimax, Pentair Minimax Plus, and Pentair Minimax NT TSI
  • Teledyne Laars Heaters
  • Jandy JXI
  • Jandy LXI
  • Jandy Legacy
  • Jandy LX
  • Jandy LT
  • Hayward ED1
  • Hayward ED2
  • Hayward H Series IDL
  • Hayward H Series IDL2
  • Hayward FDN & FDP
  • Raypak P-R207A – P-R407A
  • Raypak P-R206A – P-R406A

Local Sales, Local Service

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The Pool Boys are your local pool and spa heater experts. We have over 12 years of combined experience with diagnosing, repairing, and installing pool and spa heaters. We also have numerous hours and certificates of completion from training with multiple manufacturers, including Hayward, Pentair, Jandy, and Raypak. Additionally, The Pool Boys are licensed and insured to be able to provide these pool heater services.

We currently service League City, Friendswood, Pearland, Clear Lake, Pasadena, Texas City, Alvin, Galveston and surrounding areas. If you are having any pool heater problems give The Pool Boys a call and set your pool heater service up today!

The Pool Boys

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Phone: 832-473-5715

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