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Hey world, welcome to our blog! We wanted to find a way to put helpful information out there for our customers, pool owners, and anyone else who might be looking for pool related tips, suggestions, thoughts, how to’s, and so on.  The info you will find has been gathered through a variety of ways including field experience, other pool professionals, industry workshops and classes, online sources, etc. If you have a specific quesiton, please contact us directly and we'll try to help!

Justin testing a heater control unit in the field

Your swimming pool equipment is broken and it’s time to hit the world wide web in search of a solution. A quick search will yield tons of results; pool companies are a dime a dozen. How do you decide who to bring into your backyard? Keep in mind this person will be working with electricity, gas, water, or all of the above.

As certified pool industry professionals, we have put together what we believe to be the top 5 things that consumers should be looking for when hiring a professional pool repair company.

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ratnest1 800

As summer comes to an end, heater season is fast approaching, have you tested your heater lately?

Let’s play out a common scenario that we see every year. The party is tomorrow but it’s gonna be a little cooler. Just fire up the pool heater early in the morning to heat the pool right? Not always. Too often we get that urgent call about a pool heater

It is suggested to fire up and run your heater once a month for 10-15 minutes, even through the summer months. By doing this you clean out the cobwebs, clear out the rodents, and extend the life of the heater.

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spw pb announce

As many of you know The Pool Boys recently opened a retail store in League City this last February. The store has been a great success thanks to all of you, our customers.

While The Pool Boys will remain a full service Pool Equipment Maintenance and Repair company, or retail store has started to gain a life of it’s own, so we decided it’s time to convert the store into its own company, separate from The Pool Boys.

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Cleaning Your Pool Filter Cartridges

Cleaning your filter is necessary for the proper care of your swimming pool & spa. This service should be performed at least two times a year, sometimes more depending on your geographical location and overall maintenance. Check out this week’s video from The Pool Boys for a quick walk through on cleaning and replacing your filter cartridges. The screenshots below also give you quite a bit of information on how to get the task done without any issues.

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